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Ordinanace Watch: 2021-2022 Millage Rates for Brevard County, Cape Canaveral, and West Melbourne

By Lindsey Ruschak posted 15 days ago

Brevard County: Brevard County, FL to Hold Public Hearing of 2021-2022 Millage Rate
The Commission will consider the 2021-2022 millage rates. The Commission will hold a public hearing at at 7/20/21 meeting.

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Cape Canaveral: Cape Canaveral, FL to Consider Adopting of FY22 Millage Rate
The Council will consider Resolution No. 2021-08; adopting a Tentative Proposed Millage rate for the levy of Ad Valorem Taxes for Fiscal Year 2021/2022 on all taxable property located within the City of Cape Canaveral, Brevard County, Florida; providing for an effecting date.
The Council will consider the resolution at the 7/20/21 meeting.

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West Melbourne: West Melbourne, FL to Consider Request to Schedule Public Hearing for 2020-2021 Millage Rates
The Council will consider the 2021 - 2022 Millage Rate of 2.4228 per thousand dollars of taxable value for the purposes of advertising a September 7, 2021, public hearing to consider adopting a tentative budget and proposed millage rate for 2021-2022.
The Council will consider request to schedule public hearing at the 7/20/21 meeting. If approved, a public hearing will be scheduled for 9/7/21.

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