About Your Member Portal Access

Welcome to the New Member Portal

We are so excited to launch the NEW user-friendly, easy to use Member Portal (so much so, that we created this awesome how-to video...)

About the New Member Portal

Here’s what you need to know when logging in:

  • You login is your member ID for a single log in experience, the same one being used through the MEMBER LOGIN on the website
  • Your password is the last four of your social (or 9999), also the same as before, or your license number
  • There will be a dashboard with “quick link” buttons, which will bring you directly to that particular site
  • There is dynamic messaging at the top of the portal when you sign in to help share classes or interest, news, even wish  you a happy birthday ( if we have your birthday on file)
  • You can choose to invest in RPAC at any level or donate directly to the Foundation
  • View your account balance and Foundation account balance, any time
  • Brokers are able to view office members' balances for outstanding dues
  • Members are able to store credit cards on file and choose which card you would like to pay for which bill
This new site is very exciting and extremely user-friendly. Give it a try, but know we are here if you run into any trouble: (321) 242-2211. 

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Quick Link Buttons
Here are the Quick Links you can expect to find.