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June Tips & Tools for RPR

By Lindsey Ruschak posted 10 days ago


Find your next listing with data & tools from RPR

Now is a good time to be proactive about prospecting for listings, RPR, your member benefit, can help. The data platform has a step-by-step wizard to help you research and identify potential sellers in a geography, and then filter by public records, time owned, and more. Finally, you'll wrap up your analysis by creating free mailing labels from RPR. You get up t0 2,000 each month!
RPR Prospecting

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Make your prospecting decisions based on data

Don't dread the idea of prospecting for new business. This on demand webinar from RPR will equip you with data-based strategies to research neighborhoods, choose a farm area, create lead generation content, and stay on top of market trends.

RPR Finding Sellers

Watch this on-demand webinar now!

Geographical Farm Series

In this short video, learn how to use RPR to discover the turnover rate for a specific neighborhood. There's also a how-to printable and farming worksheet for reference. 

Calculating Turnover with RPR