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Centralized Showing Service is Now Part of ShowingTime! Read on:

By Jaimie Engle posted 4 days ago


Good news, an upgraded showing experience is coming your way!

In case you haven’t heard, Centralized Showing Service is now part of ShowingTime. The two companies bring together a combined 43 years of experience, and will be providing you with all the best features on a single platform.

On Nov 13, 2019 current CSS Appointment Center users in the state of Florida will be updated to the ShowingTime Appointment Center, which won’t change how you go about your day, but will provide a host of additional features to make your job easier.

We know you’ll have some questions about the new functionality, which is why ShowingTime will be offering both on-site and online trainings that will allow you to explore the benefits of the ShowingTime Appointment Center.

Please view the short video above, and the most important things to know are:

  • Training will be provided, with dates to be scheduled shortly to occur before and during the launch.
  • All of your history, showing instructions, and agent profile data will be preserved in the new software. This is just a software update, but all the data will remain the same.
  • Your current appointment phone numbers and staff answering the phones will remain the same.
  • After the update, all MLSs in Florida that have a showing system will be on the same platform, easing scheduling and management of listings for agents that belong to multiple MLSs.