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Creating opportunities for future homeowners: June Is National Homeownership Month

By Kymberly Franklin posted 23 days ago


June is National Homeownership Month, when we raise awareness about the benefits of owning a home and the importance of making homeownership more attainable for all Americans.

Every family deserves to have the opportunity to reap the benefits of homeownership—from building generational wealth to building memories for years to come. Members of the National Association of REALTORS® help consumers navigate the homeownership experience, providing critical support and serving as a trusted advisor through one of the biggest financial decisions of their lifetime.

What NAR Is Doing To Increase Homeownership Opportunities

Learn about the bipartisan solutions NAR is advocating for to address housing supply and affordability constraints and increase homeownership opportunities in America.

NAR Research on Homeownership Trends

Check out reports produced by NAR’s skilled economists on real estate and homeownership trends.

Homeownership Month Resources

Discover tools, grants, events, creative assets, and more that show how REALTORS® and associations can help more people achieve their dream of homeownership.

Homeownership Month Graphics

This collection of graphics is designed to help Associations and members create awareness of Homeownership Month. Download and use them on your social channels and email headers to show your support for Homeownership Month.

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