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April is Fair Housing Month check out the Fair Housing Month Toolkit

By Kymberly Franklin posted 04-10-2024 14:20

2024 Fair Housing Month Poster

Fair Housing Month is observed each April to commemorate the landmark 1968 Fair Housing Act, that prohibits discrimination in housing.

Annually, NAR creates a poster that state and local real estate associations may print, use or distribute to promote the REALTOR® commitment to Fair Housing. You are authorized to print and distribute the Fair Housing Month Poster. It can be printed 18 x 24 or 9 x 12.

Download (PDF: 95 KB)

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This Fair Housing Month, let's amplify the call for housing justice. Every person deserves a fair shot at a home. Join us in promoting fairness, inclusivity, and equal housing opportunities. #FairHousingMonth

April shines a spotlight on #FairHousingMonth. Together, let's build communities where everyone has equal access to housing, creating a brighter and more inclusive future.

This April, let's commit to breaking down barriers and fostering fair housing for all. Every person deserves a place to call home, regardless of background. Join us in advocating for #FairHousing!

Embrace diversity, promote equality! April is #FairHousingMonth, reminding us that everyone deserves a fair chance at housing. Together, let's work towards inclusive communities where everyone can thrive.

This #FairHousingMonth, let's celebrate the strides we've made and commit to creating housing opportunities for everyone. Join us in promoting fairness, inclusivity, and the dream of home.

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Fair Housing Month Proclamation

Commemorate Fair Housing Month by asking your local government body to pass this proclamation supporting fair housing for all. Download the Fair Housing Month Proclamation.

Download (PDF: 96 KB)