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Residents to Receive Notification of Smoke Testing for Sewer System in North Brevard

By Kymberly Franklin posted 02-23-2024 16:19

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Residents to Receive Notification of Smoke Testing for Sewer System in North Brevard
BREVARD COUNTY, FL. -- Residents in Port St. John and North Brevard will be receiving notifications of planned smoke testing that is targeted to begin in early March to help pinpoint potential holes, breaks or other flaws in sewer system connections and piping.
Brevard County and USSI, smoke testing contractor, will be sending notices beginning Monday, Feb. 26, to residents living in areas where smoke testing will be performed starting on Monday, March 4. Door hangers with other important facts and information related to the tests will also be posted at residences and businesses where smoke testing may be visible. 
USSI in Venice has been contracted by Brevard County Utility Services Department to conduct smoke testing throughout Brevard County. Smoke testing is performed within the areas of the sanitary sewer system that have seen higher flows during storm and extreme weather events. The results of these tests can include potential points of inflow and infiltration and points of groundwater or surface water intrusion into the sewer due to cracks and breaking of existing piping, cross connections between sanitary sewers and storm drains, of defective sewer connections that could allow sewer gases into a building. These increased flows in the system may cause Brevard County Utility Services to discharge insufficiently treated wastewater into the Port St. John River Lagoon during storm events. Smoke testing will help identify necessary repairs to maintain proper operation which ultimately protects the lagoon.
A smoke test is a standard procedure that will benefit the property owner by keeping the sewer system in working order. USSI will set up multiple points in the area with County Utility staff present to perform the testing. The smoke will be blown into a manhole and smoke will be visible exiting from the vent stacks on houses or holes in the ground. This smoke is non-toxic, non-staining, odorless, white and/or grey in color and creates no fire hazard.
Testing in these areas will occur in March thru May. For additional information, contact Brevard County Utility Services at (321) 633-2091 or USSI at (941) 926-2646.