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New Member benefit- ListTrac

By Kymberly Franklin posted 11-15-2023 15:14

ListTrac announcement banner

The Space Coast Association of Realtors is excited to announce a New Member benefit- ListTrac, a powerful online activity reporting tool for real estate brokers and agents.

ListTrac offers unbiased and actionable marketing intelligence, all in one place, to help guide listing campaigns. With ListTrac, brokers, agents, and MLS executives can keep a pulse on the performance of their listings with metrics such as listing views, leads, shares, and favorites captured from major portals, broker sites, and MLS systems. This provides them with the necessary information to make informed decisions regarding their listings and campaigns.

Moreover, ListTrac enables sellers to stay informed with weekly reports showing how their listing is performing online. This feature helps sellers to understand the impact of their listing on the market and make any necessary adjustments to their pricing or marketing strategy.

We are confident that ListTrac will prove to be an invaluable tool for our members, providing them with the necessary insights and data to make informed decisions and stay ahead in a highly competitive market.

Login to your Member Portal:, select the 'ListTrac' tile, and you'll be directed to your ListTrac dashboard. On the ListTrac dashboard, you'll find all your listings ready for you to use within the new program!

Check out the guides and information below for more on the program and what to expect from your new Space Coast Association of Realtors Member Benefit...

ListTrac Product FAQS

Technical Support:


Space Coast MLS Department



Keep your sellers in the know with ListTrac's online activity report. Highlight your marketing expertise with reports tailored to your brand including quick facts around the online activity for their property or drill into ListTrac's dynamic reporting for a full suite of online analytics. This report is a must-have weekly communication for successful agents.


The agent report provides real estate pros with a weekly notification summarizing online activity for their listing inventory over the prior week and a means to quickly launch their LisTrac dashboard for a more in-depth look. Report presentations cater to MLS and broker execs, brokers, office managers, and agents with roles derived from RETS and API integrations.


ListTrac provides an API for brokers that want a deeper integration of online activity metrics in their native platforms. Listing-level metrics can be provisioned for teams to generate creative on the fly mash-ups or metrics for an MLS or broker can be replicated nightly and integrated into business intelligence platforms providing novel market insights.



ListTrac's dashboard provides an aggregate view of online activity related to your listing inventory with presentations catering to MLS or brand executives, brokers, office managers, and agents. Metrics include how many times your listings were viewed across different sites, your top performing listings, and which sites are producing the most leads. ListTrac's dashboard can be accessed from MLS dashboards or broker portals using single sign-on technologies or agents can register to access ListTrac and bookmark the login page for easy access.


Measuring a listing's online performance and sharing this information with a seller is why agents love ListTrac. Agents and brokers can drill into any of their listings to gather insight around which sites have the greatest traction, where buyers are located, or see if a price reduction had the desired effect of attracting more prospects. Additionally, your listing's performance can be compared to similar listings to make sure your campaign is succeeding or help guide a discussion around required listing modifications with the seller.



ListTrac's portal can be styled to align with an MLS or broker's brand. Beyond meeting color and logo requirements, ListTrac is cognizant of competing broker needs and offers a highly configurable presentation to help make your brand stand out over others. Leveraging SSO technologies to seamlessly launch ListTrac from an MLS or broker dashboard, ListTrac is a go-to tool demonstrating the value your brand delivers to its agents.


MLSs and brokers - let ListTrac reporting help build your brand. Seller reports present office level branding with logos, color palettes, agent images, and more. Activity reports delivered weekly to your agents include your branding affirming the benefits of your MLS or broker. ListTrac can also produce reports with custom layouts and content stemming from a collaborative effort between our teams.