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Step by Step Instructions For Real Marketing & Blue Attic

By Kymberly Franklin posted 08-11-2022 16:44

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Step by Step Instructions For Real Marketing & Blue Attic

1. Login to 
2. Click on 'LAUNCH PAD' Tile 

3. Scroll down to the Real Marketing (Email Blast) 
                a. Click blue Add button
                b. If first time, click the “I agree” button
                c. Now, post a message as a basic email
                               i. Subject Line
                               ii. Narrative of email
                               iii. Type in original information or copy/paste narrative from MLS property page
                               iv. Highlight what you want linked (a phrase or words) or type in after adding link
                               v. Click on the link icon
                               vi. A pop-up box will appear
                               vii. Copy link from another site such as MLS, right click, and paste into “Url” box
                               viii. Add in “Text to display” the text you want displayed
                               ix. Click OK
                               x. Click Send
               d. To add attachments like a photo, click on the blue “Attach” button at the bottom
                               i. Pop up box will appear
                               ii. Click “Select Files to Upload”
                               iii. Find your photo file on your desktop
                               iv. Click on the picture you want first
                               v. Hit open
                               vi. If done, click upload. If want more photos, repeat by using the “Upload more” button
                               vii. When complete, click Send

4. Repeat these steps to post in Blue Attic.

Real Marketing is property related.
Blue Attic is Selling/Buying Stuff. (Like a Realtor Craigslist/Marketplace)

Agents receive information in two ways:
•Real time: When you post, it immediately hits their inbox
•Daily Digest: It arrives in their inbox the following day at 7:00 a.m.

Questions? Contact the Association at (321) 242 – 2211

Real marketing eblast infographic

This community replaces the “Email Blast” Program. When posting in Real Marketing, please adhere to our Association's Solicitation Policy.

Association Solicitation Policy: Agent and Assistant/Employee Solicitation Policy:
It is strictly prohibited for Brokers/Agents and Business Partners to solicit other Brokers/Agents/Assistants or Employees to change offices or work affiliation through any Association sponsored media, i.e. Communities, social media, etc., which is sponsored by the Association. It is also prohibited for members to use the Association sponsored media to make general announcements of new agents/employees that have joined your company or announcements intended to entice agents to join your company. Failure to comply with this policy will result in an automatic fine of $100.00 per occurrence, which will be billed to the member's account. Through the Association website we offer a Real Marketing community for members to communicate with the general membership, and in the case of Business Partner Members, their business interests as registered with the Association. This service is not to be used as an advertising medium by members for non-members. All emails sent through this service must be in compliance with FREC Advertising requirements. All emails must provide full disclosure of the sending party, i.e. Individual's name, company name, address and phone number. When promoting a listing, the MLS listing number and full street address must be in the email.

A member may publish two (2) publish per month at no charge. Any additional posts (more than two (2) per month) will be assessed a $20 fee per post. This fee will automatically be billed to the member's Association account. Failure to comply with this policy will result in an automatic fine of $50.00 per occurrence.