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Back to the Basics: Resources in Flexmls and Where to Find Them

By Kymberly Franklin posted 11-30-2021 10:14


Back to the Basics: Resources in Flexmls and Where to Find Them

They say knowledge is power, so this month we’re taking you back to the basics to make sure you are equipped with the tools to be a Flexmls pro in the new year!  Below we will be sharing some resources, so that next time you’re stuck wondering how to do something or wanting to learn more about a product enhancement, you’ll know where to check! In-system training, written help, an academy full of training videos, product news - learn how to access it all. Having tons of great resources is only great if you know where to find them!

  • Guided Tours

Select a topic you’d like to learn more about and the Flexmls Platform will instantly start guiding you through the process, step-by-step.

Where do I find it? Here!


  • In-App Notification Center

Flexmls news where it’s fastest, easiest and most convenient: in your daily workflow. The days of product news getting buried in your inbox are no more!

Learn more here!


  • Training Resources

You’ll want to bookmark this page - an Agent Academy full of resources such as recorded trainings, upcoming trainings, short tip videos and more!

Where do I find it? Here!


  • Written Help

Prefer written help? Use searchable help pages to answer all your questions.

See it here or learn more here!