Business Planning for the Market Fluctuations 3 CE - ZOOM

When:  Jun 23, 2021 from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM (ET)
$20, 3 CE
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While many will agree the current market is booming, such is not the case for the majority of agents. Those who have listings are doing very well. This would include appraisers, lenders and inspectors. Those working with buyers ARE losing out to multiple offers, non-contingent sales, cash, etc.

Further, many members are still subsidized by the PPP advances they got last year and again this year as well as many members still on mortgage forbearance. That's a false economy, however it is important to recognize that there will be a "comeuppance". To that assumption, if you cross reference your MLS closed deals with individual ID's, you'll find that less than 50% of today’s agents have actually completed 3 or more deals over the past 12 months.

Therefore, what’s relevant today is: How do I get a listing? How do I consult with my buyers to compete in a highly competitive market? What can I do to insulate myself against wild market swings? The worth of cash decreases with significant hard asset price increases. What do I do as an agent to own the appreciating asset? This course addresses those questions to guide you in planning your business in the current market.

Florida licensees will earn 3 hours of Specialty CE Credit upon successful course completion.