Finding Clarity in the Midst of Chaos - LIVE WEBINAR from FAR

When:  Dec 3, 2020 from 13:00 to 14:00 (ET)
Finding Clarity in the Midst of Chaos
A Florida Realtors® Exclusive LIVE WEBINAR
1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

The market is thriving. Houses are selling. And more Realtors® are entering the market than ever before. Meanwhile, there is a lot of chaos out there in the world. We know how the market is doing...meanwhile, how are YOU doing?

This webinar is designed to help you (at any experience level), discover strategies for peak performance. This exclusive webinar is being presented to you in conjunction with Florida Realtors® and your local association.

How it works: You've worked hard to establish yourself and learn everything you can. You have got the tools you need to succeed. Now it is time to look at what is going to make those tools even more successful by:

1. The way that you use them.

This webinar will provide you with guidance into a new kind of operating system. That is not a tech tool: that is the operating system inside of YOU! Understanding how that operating system works allows you to operate at a greater level of service. Understand your clients more fully. Overcome challenges more quickly. And more.

2. A service that goes beyond circumstances.

It is time to find clarity, so that you can bring your best self to every transaction, every relationship, every challenge. This webinar will provide you with five principles-based strategies for finding new results.

Chris Westfall will help you discover how to:

• Get out of your own way
• Move forward with greater ease and confidence
• Deal with difficult clients and unexpected challenges in a new way
• Change your relationship with deadlines, obligations and to-do lists
• Understand how to work within your operating system - to find new resources and resourcefulness for yourself and your clients

Join Chris as he shares high-energy and proven strategies to help you increase your productivity and performance to be BETTER, FASTER, STRONGER!

Chris is an internationally recognized business coach and regular contributor to Forbes.  In addition, Chris is a consultant to financial leaders and Fortune 100 companies – and has helped entrepreneurs successfully launch and re-brand products and services around the globe. Chris is the author of "Leadership Language", “Bullet Proof Branding”, and “The New Elevator Pitch”. 

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