Seller Representative Specialist (SRS) - 2 Day Designation (Oct 22-23) - LIVE WEBINAR

When:  Oct 22, 2020 from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM (ET)

Seller Representative Specialists (SRS)
October 22nd - 23rd
8:30 am - 4:30 pm
$94, 8 CE
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The 2-day SRS Designation Course (October 22-23) provides a comprehensive foundation of skill development, training and resources to help real estate professionals represent the interests of sellers in today’s marketplace. You will earn 8 Specialty credits upon course completion.
Students learn to:

  • Increase listings and grow their business
  • Demonstrate and communicate their value package to seller clients
  • Understand and apply the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice
  • Understand and comply with state license laws when representing sellers
  • Understand and apply methods, tools, and techniques to provide the support and services that sellers want and need

Learning Objectives:

Generational Marketing

  • Differentiate between effective generational styles
  • Understand Senior, Boomer and Gen X & Y needs 


Emerging Future Business Trends 

  • Anticipate the needs of future seller clients Prospecting for Business
  • Methods sellers use to find agents and methods buyers use to search for property
  • Define a target market for future business
  • Identify sphere and cold lead generators
  • Understand cultural marketing and prospecting
  • Drip system prospecting
  • Understand the effectiveness of each type of marketing method
  • Proper and improper conduct under Do Not Call laws
  • Solicitation and characteristics of FSBO objections
  • Understand the rules to seeking expired listings as new business

    Listing Strategies
  • New and alternate business models
  • Office policy on agency and state laws and regulations
  • Forms, agreements and authorizations given to the seller when listing
  • Alternate listing strategies

Compensation Policies

  • Application of Standard of Practice 1-12, 16-1, 3-1, 16-16, 3-4
  • Identify how to implement their office policy’s professional service fees
  • Demonstrate to seller how commission fees are split

Listing Models

  • Unbundling services and how service packages can reflect different service levels
  • Marketing service options
  • MLS entry only; Limited Services; Office Exclusives

Preparing for the Appointment

  • Key aspects of advance research for a listing appointment and seller counseling session
  • Existing Liens & Mortgages
  • CLUE Reports & Cautions
  • Short Sale Cautions
  • CMA Components
  • Absorption Rates & Analyses
  • Automatic Valuation Models (AVMs)

The Seller Counseling Session

  • Formulate pricing and marketing information
  • Reasons for the appointment
  • Topics to discuss at seller counseling session
  • Assess the listing

Setting the Stage – Pre-Sale Preparation

  • Process and reasons for staging a property
  • Reasons and marketing rationale for improvements
  • Identify sources of work / advice and cautions about recommendations
  • Disclosure of third party business relationships – Standard of Practice 6-1

Marketing the Listing

  • Different venues for marketing including technology apps and different methods per survey data
  • Offline and Online marketing
  • Property marketing tools (including social media, photos, virtual tours, single property websites,

traditional tools and others)

  • Different types of open houses and preparations for sellers
  • Objectives of different types of open houses and issue that arise
  • The auction process and value to sellers
  • Agent safety issues and resources
  • Sources of buyers and their processes in the home buying process
  • Call conversion methods to position the seller’s property
  • Key question to ask prospects when beginning a relationship
  • Application of Standard of Practice 16-13
  • Considerations about photos/videos of listings and disclosures to sellers
  • Methods for feedback

Blueprint for a Successful Transaction

  • Handle multiple offer presentations by prioritizing the offers by type and quality based on seller’s needs
  • Approaches to negotiation of the sale, depending on area and local/state law or custom
  • Understand performance contingencies in contract forms
  • Understand key areas of terms in common sale contracts
  • Understand terms for “back-up” offers or contracts
  • Learn to look for false records, credits not on HUD1, and inflated appraisals (RESPA violations)

Presentation Methods

  • Understand different presentation methods, including key concepts in Standard of Practice 1-6
  • Understand agent’s requirements to present offer and not delay presentation
  • Learn to process requested confidentiality agreements presented prior to the delivery of an offer
  • Application of Standard of Practices 1-13 and 1-15
  • Myths and misconceptions of multiple offers
  • Presenting multiple offers and the grid method
  • Clarifying questions to ask buyer representative, including counter offer patterns and strategies
  • Application of Standard of Practice 3-8
  • Learn to work with subsequent offers after accepted contract is in place

Inspection Phase

  • Understand the purpose of inspection and types available to sellers
  • Understand the listing agent’s and co-op agent’s roles and conduct at the inspection
  • Verification of repair requests
  • Seller options regarding defects

Pending Issues Prior to Closing

  • Identify and understand possible issues that can occur between contract and closing
  • Understand problems that can occur with personal property inclusions and exclusions
  • Application of Code of Ethics Article 9
§ Counter offer and negotiation strategy – how to handle last minute crisis before closing

Click here for more information about the SRS Designation, including any additional requirements.

Instructor, Mr. Brian Woods 
is a seasoned real estate broker, investor, property manager, community association manager, real estate instructor and speaker. Mr. Woods owns and operates multiple real estate brokerages, a community association management firm and a real estate school. In 2013, Mr. Woods was awarded the Mid-Size Broker of the Year Award from the Realtors Association of the Palm Beaches. He also owns two real estate investor associations in South Florida.

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