Global Real Estate Practitioner: Launching Your Global Real Estate Business (GREP)- LIVE WEBINAR

When:  Aug 17, 2020 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (ET)
Global Real Estate Practitioner: Launching Your Global Real Estate Business (GREP)
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Monday, August 17th
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
$25, 8 CE

The Global Real Estate Practitioner (GREP) Certification is awarded to those who have taken additional global initiative. The real estate professionals who have the GREP Certification are ready to serve their global clients at the highest level of client service.

Some of the benefits of obtaining the Global Real Estate Practitioner Certification are:
Recognition of your global business skills
Magnetic GREP lapel pin
Opportunities for advanced global business training
Networking and education opportunities in a private portal for certified professionals
Quarterly global update webinars
Opportunities to attend private trade missions, expos, and events

Part 1:
Are you wondering where to get started in global real estate or how to take your business to the next level? Have you taken other global real estate training and feel overwhelmed about what to do? Are you a seasoned practitioner and trying to gain clarity and focus in your business as it relates to global?
This course recaps basic global business concepts as a foundation for building your business. Through a mix of individual and group assignments, you will discuss what is working (and what isn’t) for doing business in the global real estate world. Both tools and techniques will be covered. The ultimate goal of this course is for you to leave with a direction and your very own business plan for how you will integrate global real estate into your existing business.
Part 2:
Now that you have the fundamentals of global business down and a plan, it’s time to build upon that foundation to increase your global business opportunities. In this course, we bring the real world into the classroom. How to effectively run a trade expo, do the “dog and pony show” presentations to potential clients, global network building and how to put it all together are all covered in detail. You will gain knowledge, skills and practice through individual and group activities. Put yourself in a position to experience global business growth at the pace you want.
By taking this course, you meet the qualification requirements for the Global Real Estate Practitioner Certification, awarded by Team Real Education Solutions, LLC. Please note this is not a NAR Certification. Upon completion of this class, you may apply for your certification and pay a one-time certification fee of $149.
Class Registration Fees:
Current Tampa Bay Global Business Council and Suncoast Global Council Member Class Registration - $ 15.00
Tampa Bay Global Business Council or Suncoast Global Council Non-Member Class Registration (by registering for this option, you will receive free Council membership for the remainder of 2020) - $ 25.00
Registrants will receive an email with class-specific login information the day before class.


Kathy Pollard