Technology & Marketing Real Estate Certification (TAMREC) 4 Classes Total - LIVE WEBINAR

When:  Nov 19, 2020 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (ET)

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Technology And Marketing Real Estate Certification Program, TAMREC   Nothing has changed the real estate industry more than the continuous growth and the role of technology and the explosion of the Internet, Mobile, Social, Video and more being used by both real estate practitioners and consumers.

With today's consumer having access to more information and tools than ever before, their needs and expectations have evolved and they are demanding more knowledge and service from their REALTOR® than ever before.

It is not the intention of this 1-year certification program to turn participants into technology or marketing experts; just to make them aware of important resources and develop a better understanding of the tools, regulations, etc and how to leverage the advantages of using technology to help them excel in today's real estate world. This program is perfect to prepare a real estate practitioner who is new to the business or reeducate a seasoned veteran on the fast moving technology side of the business.

The following may be taken individually, or attend a minimum of 4 out of 6 to earn the TAMREC Certification.

Nov. 17 - 9 AM - 12 PM; Market Like A Rock-Star (3CE)

You will learn the following:
  • Relate how access to information & technology has affected the role of today’s real estate practitioners & consumers.
  • Identify how to build an online presence that is consumer focused & how to incorporate it into your marketing efforts.
  • Identify new techniques being used to improve the performance of traditional marketing tools including direct mail, e-mail marketing, etc.
  • Understand the growth & importance of video & social media & how you can leverage it in your marketing system.

Nov. 17-1 PM - 5 PM; Get More Done Online (4CE)

What is augmented reality, how does it differ from virtual reality and how are they both reshaping the real estate industry.  Attend this session with Craig Grant of RETI and show some examples of companies and products that are leading the way in this exciting space.  Plus learn how they are will not only change the way you market and sell your listings, but more importantly how it is already changing how consumers shop and consume real estate.  

Nov. 19-9 AM - 12 PM; Working With Today's Hyper Connected Consumer (3CE)

Every client has their own method of preferred communication (text vs. phone call vs. email, etc.) and to complicate it even more, they use different tools to communicate! How do you know what's best? We'll help you with that in this class.

Nov. 19-1 PM - 5 PM; Social Media Superstar (4CE)

Social media is changing our world and the way business is done and clients are earned. This session will show you how to come up with your own social media strategy and an overview of each major social media network (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Nextdoor, Google Plus, etc.) so that you can pick which ones you want to focus on and how to do it all in less than 15 minutes per day.

Nov. 20-9 AM - 12 PM; How Tech Can Ruin Your Business (3CE)

As part of your professional duties as a REALTOR® you are charged with collecting and storing vital information from your customers/consumers. You also are encouraged to use many technology tools and online resources that open you and your clients up to the risk of viruses, malware, social engineering, identity theft and more. Plus there are many laws, policies and general etiquette items that have to be addressed. This session is intended to help today’s REALTOR® steer themselves and their clients’ through the perilous legal, online and social media world, plus personal and computer safety tips.

Nov. 20-1 PM - 5 PM; REALTORS® Tech Toolbox (4CE)

Are you thinking about buying technology devices, software or apps to improve your real estate business but don’t know where to start?  

By attending this course you will get advice from an expert on how to pick the right Mobile Devices, Apps & Internet Service Provider, Office/Contact/Lead Management Software, Digital Cameras, Office Phone Solutions, Anti-Virus and much more that will allow you to run your business in the most cost & time efficient manner.    


Certification Structure  

In addition to receiving this prestigious certification, by completing the TAMEREC program, candidates will receive up to 8 CE specialty credit hours.

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